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Freightliner Agreement voted up

Aug 31, 2012News

Freightliner members yesterday voted unanimously in favour of the new Enterprise Agreement. The parties will now complete the necessary paperwork and send the Enterprise Agreement and supporting documents to Fair Work Australia for approval. Once […] Read More »

FWA ruling against urine testing a big win for workers

Aug 15, 2012News

In a big win for workers rights, NSW Government-owned company Endeavour Energy, yesterday lost its appeal to Fair Work Australia to conduct urine drug tests on its employees. Read More »

Test case finds ARTC breached GFB obligations

Jul 12, 2012News

Fair Work Australia has found that ARTC breached its good faith bargaining obligations when it pushed ahead with a ballot for an enterprise agreement despite knowing the deal was subject to a scope order application. […] Read More »

RailCorp challenges sectorisation ruling

Apr 26, 2012Update

RailCorp has decided to appeal a Fair Work Australia ruling on sectorisation handed down in March. The FWA ruled in favour of the RTBU saying the introduction of sectorisation, which would prevent drivers being rostered […] Read More »

Constructive negotiations end the PN stand-down dispute

Mar 15, 2012Update

The RTBU has reached an agreement with PN Coal regarding the interpretation of the stand-down clause of the EA.   The union recently disputed the way stand-down notices were delivered recently at Port Kembla and […] Read More »

PN Coal denies misuse of the stand-down clause at Port Kembla

Mar 4, 2012Update

An inadequate stand-down notice issued by PN Coal, that affected train crew at Port Kembla and Lithgow, has lead to the RTBU seeking help from FWA help clarify how stand-down notices should be issued to […] Read More »

O’Farrell’s attack on transport workers’ rights hits opposition in the Upper House

Sep 6, 2011Update

At the end of August the NSW Government tried to pass an amendment to the Transport Administration Act which covers employees in State Government transport agencies such as RailCorp, RTA and Sydney Ferries. Fortunately, before […] Read More »

Freightliner EA comes into effect

May 20, 2011News

The EA, which will make Freightliner employees the highest paid employees with some of the best conditions, will come into effect today. The agreement will see workers receive a 12% pay rise over 3 years […] Read More »

Freightliner EA voted up

Apr 21, 2011News

Freightliner Coal Haulage employees have unanimously voted in favour of an Enterprise Agreement that will make them the highest-paid freight drivers in the state for a 38-hour week. The vote was held on Friday 8 […] Read More »

New EBA boosts standards at El Zorro

Mar 11, 2011News

El Zorro workers will be pleased to know that their agreement was approved by Fair Work Australia on Monday 7th March 2011. From the 14th of March over 100 workers across NSW and Victoria will now […] Read More »

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