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PN intermodal drivers EBA update

Mar 21, 2017News

Negotiations with PN management on your Log of Claims is moving at a snail’s pace with little or no progress at all. Management is providing resistance at every step of the way. At every stage […] Read More »

Freightliner members concerned about EA vote

Oct 10, 2014News

Freightliner members have raised concerns about how management is planning to run its enterprise agreement ballot. Read More »

Sydney and NSW Trains EA’s get FWC tick

Oct 8, 2014News

The Fair Work Commission has just approved the new Sydney and NSW Trains enterprise agreements. Read More »

SSR wage freeze

Sep 25, 2014News

Southern Shorthaul Rail has made the decision to implement a wage freeze, without any proper consultation with the union or regard for the enterprise agreement it has signed with members. Read More »

PN outsourced EBA

Sep 18, 2014News

The RTBU has had its application for a protected industrial action ballot approved by the Fair Work Commission, following Pacific National’s refusal to negotiate a fair agreement for workers covered by the Intermodal Division Port […] Read More »

Rail Entities EA ballot integrity

Sep 8, 2014News

A number of members have raised concerns about the use of the bar code on the ballot return envelope. Read More »

Rail Entities EBA – time to vote

Sep 5, 2014News

It’s time to vote on the new Rail Entities enterprise agreements. Read More »

QUBE EBA update

Sep 1, 2014News

The negotiating committee met with QUBE management in June to discuss the latest on the enterprise agreement negotiations. Read More »

Rail Entities provides final offer

Aug 14, 2014News

Rail Entities has announced that it has provided its final offer and that company representatives will commence paid staff briefings on Monday 18 August. Read More »

QUBE cries poor during EBA talks

Aug 4, 2014News

Negotiations for a new QUBE enterprise agreement are underway, albeit quite slowly. Read More »

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