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Local Agreements

Mar 10, 2011News

Identifying if any Local Agreements have been made at Sub Division level both in RailCorp and/or Freight Operators has recently become an issue for the Division. It is also difficult for the Division to keep […] Read More »

Pacific National Victoria

Feb 24, 2011News

Negotiations are underway for a new EBA covering Pacific National Victoria. The PN Division was previously owned by Freight Australia and covers a number of employees in NSW as well as Victoria. The previous agreement […] Read More »

PN Intermodal Dispute

Feb 24, 2011News

The RTBU and PN Intermodal met in Fair Work Australia on Monday of this week for conciliation in an attempt to resolve an outstanding dispute regarding the crediting of hours for blank days on a […] Read More »

Fight for PN Coal NSW allowances

Feb 24, 2011Uncategorized

The RTBU Loco Division is preparing to take PN Coal NSW to Fair Work Australia to defend PN coal drivers’ right to the correct Aggregate Allowance package. During negotiations for the PN Coal EA which […] Read More »