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Rail Entities provides final offer

Aug 14, 2014News

Rail Entities has announced that it has provided its final offer and that company representatives will commence paid staff briefings on Monday 18 August. Read More »

Huge turnout for Rail Entities briefings

Jul 18, 2014News

Unprecedented numbers of members and activists turned out for the Combined Rail Unions briefings held across the state over recent weeks. Read More »

Rail Entities – outstanding issues

Jun 30, 2014News

Rail Entities looks likely to push for members covered by the Rail Entities enterprise agreement to vote on the agreement in the near future. Read More »

Rail Entities talks continue

Jun 13, 2014News

Forced redundancies and salary maintenance are among the key issues being discussed during ongoing negotiations between Rail Entities and the Combined Rail Unions. Read More »

Rail Entities Seek Fair Work Commission Hearing

May 16, 2014News

On Wednesday 14 May 2014 the Combined Rail Unions’ officials met with the Rail Entities to advise the outcomes of the Delegates’ meeting held on Tuesday, and to continue negotiations on the issues identified by […] Read More »

CRU Update – latest talks

Apr 17, 2014News

The Combined Rail Unions have been in further talks with rail entities representatives this week, discussing the proposed reforms to various sections of the companies. Read More »

Rail Entities update: Beware the captive employee meeting

Mar 10, 2014News

All level 4 senior managers have been told to have “one-to-one and on-to-few meetings” with employees in an attempt to pressure members to agree to five agreements rather then the single agreement the union are […] Read More »

Early Rail Entities discussions held

Oct 23, 2013News

Preliminary discussions on the 2014 Rail Entities enterprise agreement were held today. Read More »

Union victory for NSW/Sydney Trains agreement

Jun 6, 2013News

The RTBU and combined rail unions have successfully ensured all rail workers transferring into the new NSW and Sydney Train entities on 1 July 2013 will continue to be covered by the current RailCorp Agreement. Read More »

Loco Division warming up for RailCorp EA

May 20, 2013News

Loco Division RailCorp delegates are beginning discussion with members about the upcoming RailCorp EA negotiations – which we know are going to be tough. Read More »

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