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People do not vote for politicians who gloat about abolishing their jobs

Aug 18, 2017News

There has been an overwhelming reaction to Transport Minister Constance’s gloating that we won’t need public transport workers in the future. Here’s RTBU National Secretary’s response to the article in the Sydney Morning Herald: He […] Read More »

Barnaby must shoulder blame for closure of Aurizon Intermodal

Aug 15, 2017News

  The shock announcement that Aurizon will sell its Queensland intermodal business, and close its intermodal freight business outside Queensland, is in large part due to the failure of the Federal Government to invest in […] Read More »

Letter to members who work for ARTC

Aug 15, 2016News

Dear members, Last week we have had a taste of what it feels like to be standing between Federal Government Ministers and a bucket of money. Two senior Federal Government ministers have now intervened in […] Read More »

Banning thugs on our public transport a good idea

Jul 13, 2015National Union

Shadow Transport Minister Ryan Park is advocating for legislation which would ban thugs who commit serious offences on our transport networks from using these services. Read More »

“Deficit tax” will have impact on EAs

May 1, 2014News

RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva says the Abbott Government’s so-called “deficit levy” would have an impact on enterprise agreements in the future if it is announced by the Government in the upcoming Federal Budget. Read More »

National Secretary advocates for fairer pre-selection

Mar 14, 2014News

In a recent speech for the Australian Fabian Society, RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva said that the ALP’s current pre-selection process was “broken”. Read More »

BHP makes threat over Aurizon

Feb 21, 2014News

Members at Aurizon’s two Hunter depots will take protected industrial action, following management’s continued refusal to listen to their concerns during EA negotiations. Read More »

Asbestos found in trains forces RTBU to call for tougher policing

Nov 27, 2013News

The RTBU is demanding tougher policing of imported locomotive parts after it was found that railway workers have been exposed to potentially hazardous asbestos brought to Australia in trains imported from China. Read More »

RTBU slams Abbott’s rejection of high speed rail

Nov 7, 2013News

The Abbott Government has turned its back on high-speed rail, scrapping the expert committee set up to advise on its planning and eventual construction. Read More »

Rail Association adds to criticism of Abbott’s infrastructure plans

Oct 3, 2013News

The Australian Rail Association has added its voice to the criticism of the Abbott Government’s focus on roads over rail. Read More »

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