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Secretary’s wrap

Mar 20, 2015Update

With a week to go until the NSW Election, things are really heating up in state politics. The RTBU has created a score card for the current Baird Government, highlighting the impact its policies have […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Pacific National management has gone too far in its attempt to cut costs this time. The company has moved to stand down employees during track repairs which had been scheduled for months. Things are certainly […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Politics in Australia is throwing some real curve balls at the moment. Last weekend we saw a huge swing against the incumbent Liberal/National Government in Queensland – based in part at least on the Newman’s […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Nov 14, 2014Secretary's run-down

It’s been a long running saga, but its finally looking as though we’re edging closer to an enterprise agreement at Freightliner. There are a few key items still on the table, such as the term […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

It’s all systems go in the Loco Division at the moment. Unfortunately we’re in the process of arranging protected industrial action ballots for a number of workplaces – Freightliner Coal, and the PN Intermodal Division […] Read More »

Central getting shunted

Sep 2, 2014News

Following concerns about the high incidences of shunting on Platform 15 at Central, a meeting was held between the union and NSW Trains to discuss the issue. Read More »

Right of way dispute

Sep 2, 2014News

The Loco Division has been forced to lodge a dispute with NSW Trains after reports surfaced of breaches of the Right of Way rules. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Aug 22, 2014Secretary's run-down

Rail Entities representatives started their tour of worksites this week, holding paid staff meetings to discuss the current enterprise agreement offer. Read More »

Drivers fight for the right to stand in the rain

Aug 12, 2014News

Sydney Trains is proposing to change the windscreen rule (TWP 150) – a move the Loco Division says would unnecessarily put drivers and the travelling public at risk. Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Aug 8, 2014News

It seems the NSW Government has picked a fight with the wrong town. Read More »

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