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Labor lodges train petition in Parliament

Sep 22, 2017News

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle lodged a petition of more than 10,000 signatures in NSW Parliament on September 12, and issued a personal challenge to transport minister Andrew Constance to debate her on the floor of […] Read More »

NSW Labor Conference backs push for locally-built trains

Aug 2, 2017News

Go Trish Doyle!! As Blue Mountains MP, she has been a tireless advocate for building new trains in NSW. Now she’s had a big win securing the support of delegates to the NSW Labor Conference. […] Read More »

150 years of trains in the Blue Mountains

Jun 15, 2017News

An important anniversary is looming for train tragics in the Mountains and Valley Heights Rail Museum volunteers are keen to see it remembered. The line between Penrith and Wentworth Falls opened 150 years ago in […] Read More »

‘Jammed in like sardines’ on Blue Mountains trains

May 24, 2017News

The Blue Mountains Gazette has also picked up the story that Blue Mountains trains are so overcrowded they may deter visitors (see our previous post on Loco Express here). Today’s edition has a double-page spread on […] Read More »

Tourism operators fear overcrowded trains will deter visitors to the Blue Mountains

May 22, 2017News

Whilst the current NSW Government would have commuters believe a world class railway is being delivered across the state, the RTBU and Locomotive Division members are well aware that on any given weekend, what is purported […] Read More »

Call for 6 and 8 carriage trains on weekends along the Blue Mountains line

May 4, 2017News

Trish Doyle MP is at it again! Here she is calling for 6 and 8 carriage trains on weekends along the Blue Mountains line. Read More »

Cancel overseas train contract, says Trish Doyle MP

Mar 13, 2017News

Blue Mountains MP Trish Doyle is a great supporter of rail and a strong advocate for passenger safety. Now she’s calling for the international contract for South Korean consortium Hyundai Rotem to design, manufacture and test the […] Read More »

Trish Doyle MP stands with the RTBU

Sep 23, 2016News

Great to have Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains, standing with the RTBU and her community against the NSW Government’s plan to offshore jobs to South Korea to build the New InterCity Fleet. Locals in the Blue […] Read More »

Blue Mountains Trains Widths & Lengths

Sep 17, 2016News

Trish Doyle MP explains what’s wrong with the width and length of the NSW Government’s new interurban fleet (NIF) trains for the Blue Mountains.   Read More »

Trish Doyle MP thanks front line train staff

Aug 11, 2016News

It’s great to see Trish Doyle MP standing up for train staff. She told NSW Parliament: “I thank the front line hard working staff at Sydney Trains, and NSW Trains, NSW Transport, for their efforts. Thank you […] Read More »

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