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Change the rules to stop wage theft

Jul 21, 2017News

***From Australian Unions*** In Australia, ripping off workers isn’t the exception, it’s becoming the rule. This week, we’ve seen a report from Unions NSW which looked at 200 foreign language job ads, and found 4 […] Read More »

Watch Sally McManus speak at NexGen

Jun 27, 2017News

Simple, but profound acts of saying no and experiencing the power of collective defiance changes lives, said ACTU Secretary Sally McManus in a recent speech well worth watching. You can also read her speech here Read More »

We can protect penalty rates if we work together

Jun 26, 2017Uncategorized

** From Australian Unions** You’ve probably seen the news – penalty rates for hospitality, retail and pharmacy workers could be slashed from July 1. The good news is we can do something about this if […] Read More »

90 years of proud achievement

May 3, 2017News

***From Australian Unions*** 90 years ago today the mighty collective of trade unions came together to form the Australian Council of Trade Unions. Since then that collective power has achieved great things for working people […] Read More »

It’s time to #RaiseTheWage

Apr 19, 2017News

Since 1990 minimum wage workers have been left behind. Australia is starting to look like America. A recent poll shows that nearly 70 per cent of Australians believe the minimum wage is too low. It’s time for substantial […] Read More »

Stop Malcolm’s Cuts

Feb 14, 2017News

From Australian Unions: Malcolm Turnbull is telling people with disabilities they cannot have the support they need unless other Australians suffer devastating cuts to the their incomes. Turnbull is trying to pit Australians against each […] Read More »

They are cutting our pensions

Dec 16, 2016News

Malcolm Turnbull is cutting pensions for hard-working Australians, with some couples set to lose up to $6,120 a year, or $117.70 a week. These cuts will make life very difficult for 330,000 pensioners. Many of these people […] Read More »

Stop Malcolm Turnbull attacking workers’ rights

Dec 7, 2016News

Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals have already declared 2017 the year for stripping workers of our rights. Read more about their threats to reintroduce of WorkChoices-style laws here. Right now, working people need more power and better rights […] Read More »

Unions call for a national Anti-Corruption Commission

Apr 4, 2016Uncategorized

Australian unions are demanding the Turnbull Government establish a national Anti-Corruption Commission with the power to investigate corruption in all areas of our society. In light of the world-wide bribery scandal involving major Australian companies, […] Read More »

Super win for workers

Dec 7, 2015News

Pressure from workers has resulted in the establishment of a review of not for profit superannuation governance. And in good news, former RBA Governor, Bernie Fraser, will head up the review. The Turnbull Government had […] Read More »