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Sydney Trains Trainee Pay Adjustments

Nov 28, 2017Update

Members are advised that a dispute has been lodged in relation to incremental pay adjustments for new drivers.


As per the EA 2014 trainee drivers are paid at 

● Driver 1 Year Trainee. Then when passed competent are paid at

● Driver 1 Year Competent. Then when they have been employed as a driver for more than 12 months they should be paid at

● Driver 2nd Year rate of pay. 

(This is not to be confused with Previously Qualified Drivers and their rates of pay).


This process hasn’t been followed, and again highlights both a lack of procedure and how the appropriate workers are not being given the tools to implement this process a normal development of business.


Management have had more than enough time to get this sorted if they were serious about the pay progression, which has not been prioritized by management since the recruitment restarted in July 2016. It’s disappointing but very reflective of the current management of train crew.


At this time, management has indicated that it will be fixed and that all workers will be changed onto the correct rate of pay, which is simply your legal right.


Members that are affected or unsure should contact head office or their local rep if they are concerned that they are not receiving their correct pay as under the EA 2014, clause 129 and schedule 4 Classification and Pay Rate Structure.



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