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Sydney Trains missing strength ratings for 200 rail bridges

Apr 17, 2017News

The system Sydney Trains uses to monitor the strength of the state’s rail bridges was missing information for more than 200 structures, according to news reports in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Here at the Loco Division we think there should be a public register of all structures and bridges with dates for when they were last checked and when the next check is due.

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One Comment to “Sydney Trains missing strength ratings for 200 rail bridges”

  • The fact that it that it has got this way show a long term lack of record keeping. There should be a immediate plan to rectify any missing information, starting with high traffic / high load bridges and any in key choke points on the rail network.
    Why there seems to be little action from when it was first raised months ago, other that to try to ignore or hope that it would blow over, is something which also needs to be answered.

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