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Support from global comrades

Jan 29, 2018News

Support for Sydney and NSW Trains workers is streaming in from around the world. Here are our brothers and sisters from the International Center for Labour Solidarity (ICLS), the Japan Confederation of Railway Workers’ Unions (JRU), and the Myanmar Maritime Workers Federation (MMWF). Also, letters of  support from the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen in Britain (ASLEF) and the ICLS.

Click here to see a letter of support from the ICLS.

See the letter from ASLEF below:

Dear Bob

I’m writing to express our solidarity with the RTBU in your industrial action over pay and conditions with Sydney Trains in New South Wales next week. The battles we have – both in Australia and in Britain – to achieve better pay, and better terms and conditions, for train drivers are universal. I know you have specific concerns about resourcing, rostering, and job security, and I believe that with the strength and solidarity you have throughout your membership, you will achieve for your members what you want.

Yours fraternally,

Mick Whelan
General Secretary

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