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SSR wage freeze

Sep 25, 2014News

Southern Shorthaul Rail has made the decision to implement a wage freeze, without any proper consultation with the union or regard for the enterprise agreement it has signed with members.

Loco Division Secretary Bob Hayden said the move to advise the union what the Company had already decided to do, without any proper consultation is incredibly disappointing and not consistent with the provisions of the Enterprise Agreement.

The Loco Division has now sent correspondence to the company asking for answers to the following questions:

  1. What consultation has taken place with employees including options/alternatives?
  1. What – if any – feedback was provided to employees regarding any concerns/issues raised regarding the Company’s decision?
  1. Please provide detail regarding the Company’s statement that “SSR will follow the process and guidelines set down by Fair Work Australia”, including the process that is to take place?
  1. If a vote is being undertaken, could you detail how this is the undertaken, including the process itself, independence of the process, who is conducting the ballot, what is the question being asked, what information is being supplied to employees to make an informed decision and does the Company and or any of its Directors have any ability to identify how individual employees voted?
  1. How far removed from the ballot process is the Company/Employer?
  1. What impact will this have on accrued employee entitlements such as long service leave and annual leave in respect to the accrual of future leave and the rate at which it will accrue and be paid?

See the full Footplate here.

BREAKING: Southern Shorthaul Rail management has agreed to meet with the Loco Division on 8th October to discuss this issue. Stay tuned for updates. 


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