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Secretary’s wrap

We’ve finally got something to report on the Sydney Trains Reform (otherwise known as the “Future Operations Program”).

At a combined delegates’ forum last week management proposed to increase rostered shift limits to 8 hours and 50 minutes and to increase the daily kilometre limit to 275 kms.

Your delegates unanimously agreed to stick to the union’s position as endorsed by members. Discussions will continue and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Remember, agreement can only be reached if a proposal is endorsed by both members and delegates.

Planning is now underway for the Pacific National Enterprise Agreement negotiations to kick off following the recent conclusion of the scope dispute. It looks like NSW Bulk & Coal initial planning talks will start mid-December. Members will be kept informed as the discussions progress.

Last week’s Loco Division Delegates’ Conference was a huge success. The enthusiasm of our delegates was contagious as they learned about issues as diverse as railway safety, unfair dismissal and what it means to “be union” in the current political climate. It was also great to hear from two British unions and our comrades from New Zealand and show solidarity across borders.

Bob Hayden

Loco Division Secretary

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