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Secretary’s Wrap

Jul 29, 2016Secretary's run-down

The Daily Telegraph recently launched an attack on transport workers, calling Sydney Trains drivers ‘off the rails with inefficiency’.

The July 21 article is condescending, full of factual errors and poor research, and its core aim is obviously to demonise drivers as the Baird Government pushes for driverless trains, driver-only trains for the New Inter-Urban Fleet, and ultimately, the privatisation of the railways.

As we explain in our response, this kind of last-ditch attack on drivers through the media only goes to show how successful the Loco Division has been in safeguarding the rights and conditions of our members.

In other news, I’ve been heartened to hear of railway workers taking the initiative to band together to provide additional financial support of the family of former RTBU Loco Division Vice President John Soririou.

There’s a lot to catch up on in this edition of Loco Express. Stay safe on the tracks.

Bob Hayden
Loco Division Secretary

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