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Report shows Barry has bungled Workers’ Comp

Feb 12, 2014News

The O’Farrell Government’s changes to the Workers’ Compensation scheme have stripped workers and their families of vital protections, a report released by Macquarie University has found.

The report shows that over the last year, the costs of injuries have shifted from the government and from employers directly to workers and their families.

Over 60,000 workers lost their entitlements to workplace injury payments when the O’Farrell government, citing cost increases, gutted the system in October 2012.

But the report reveals that the costs of the workers comp system, as well as liability rates, hadn’t increased for a decade before the changes. In fact, they were more stable in NSW than in any other state.

Watch the 7.30 Report story in the plight of injured workers in NSW here:

See the full report here:


One Comment to “Report shows Barry has bungled Workers’ Comp”

  • I know the rules have changed but The Union Should Remind all their Members to Report each and every incident that occur to them during their working career get a doctors certificate where necessary, I followed that Rule, got a second opinion rather than the Unions Solicitors. Im sitting on top of the World, minus a leg and a lot of other injuries but O Farrell and his mob of mongrels could not touch any of my payments.

    This will probably be deleted as I was a REAL UNIONIST.

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