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RailCorp train crew uniform proves unpopular

Jun 21, 2013News

RailCorp recently advised it will be introducing a new Train Crew uniform, which has caused great concern among the membership. 

Shorts will no longer be issued and the uniforms will be made from a similar fabric to station staff’s, which have not been proving popular.

Comfort need to be the number one priority, which is why the Loco Division is arguing that shorts should remain as part of the uniform and that the material used needs to be suitable to the environment and the work being performed.

Train drivers in Sweden recently donned skirts to protest the removal of shorts from their uniform. The workers argued that in hot weather, employees should have the option of wearing shorts. It worked, and the decision to ban the shorts was revered by the company.

7 Comments to “RailCorp train crew uniform proves unpopular”

  • So what’s the union going to do about it?

  • Thanks for your question Zac. We’re currently in discussions with RailCorp via a working party in an attempt to get them to allow shorts as part of the uniform, and to improve the fabric generally. If common sense doesn’t prevail, we’ll have to look at what other options are available. We will keep you posted.

  • I think any change is going to be met with a lot of resistance, the main issue for me is the fabric choice.

    After just one shift some of the CSA uniforms are showing signs of wear and tear, imagine what train crew uniform will look like after a few weeks….

  • At the recent Train Guard’s Sub Division meeting and after consultation with train guards it was decided to support unanimously the Loco Division that short pants are essential for train crew during the hot summer months and the Train Guards Sub Division fully supports the Loco Division in this important issue
    Bruce C Gale
    Secretary, Train Guards Sub Division

  • I only wear shorts, I don`t wear long pants at anytime during the year. Why is it only essential during the hot summer months why don`t we have a choice all year round. If made to wear long pants I`ll be wearing a dress if it`s good enough for Gladys to have the option why not us.

  • If Gladys and managers in charge of introducing new uniforms wear the new uniforms for a fortnight and confirm it is comfortable to work, then I might listen.

  • If skirts are part of the uniform, will they be above or below the knee??….long pants are for Weddings, Funerals and Bat Mitzvahs…..but for some of us, a wax might be on the cards though!! 😉

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