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Rail Enterprise Bargaining: Your chance to have your say!

Sep 7, 2017News

On Tuesday 5th September Howard Collins Sydney Trains CEO attended the bargaining meeting and was asked questions by the delegates present.

Some of the questions were;

    • What can Admin and Salaried members report back to members when nothing positive has been put on the table by Management?
    • Can Management guarantee there will be no more cuts to Station staff across Sydney and NSW Trains after the new Agreement?
    • Can you guarantee fair and reasonable wage increases in return for Agreement on Facilitation Clauses regarding Train Crew?
    • How does Sydney Trains intend to deal with future Drivers shortages?
    • What guarantee is there for the jobs of Maintenance Centre workers in view of the private purchase and maintenance of the NIF?
    • What do you say to members who regard the current proposals from Management to be a cut in Infrastructure Workers conditions?
    • What processes does Management undertake when deciding to contract out work performed by direct employees?
    • When will you reply to our requests for details concerning the impact on rail workers of future restructures and technological change?

We are still waiting for answers to these questions!

Management put forward an offer for a new Agreement which among other things, asked members to delay negotiations on Redeployment and Redundancy matters until after all other matters in the Agreement have been settled.

This proposal, including their wage offer of 2.5% each year for three years, and 2.375% for the fourth year will be considered by the combined rail union delegates at the Delegates Conference to be held on Tuesday 12th September.

This meeting will outline the campaign for a better deal going forward. Members’ meetings will follow the conference. This is your chance to have your say!

Download this update here.

4 Comments to “Rail Enterprise Bargaining: Your chance to have your say!”

  • We need to go back to fighting for LOCO only.
    Half of the crap dragged out here doesn’t apply
    to Loco. Also would be a quicker response.

  • It’s simple. 6% per year no chsnges to conditions and no forced redundancies to anyone. Want to cut staff do it on the managers side. Accept no compromises

  • My electricity bill just went up by $100 more than a2.5 percent wage increase is required to cover the cost of this alone.

  • Grubbs. Industrial action now.

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