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Proposed de-centralisation of Central and North Sydney depots

Apr 29, 2016News

As part of the Future Operations program, Sydney Trains has proposed moving crew from both Central and North Sydney depots into outer depots within the network.

The idea is to prevent delays occurring at Central station as a result of the numerous crew reliefs that are required there on a daily basis. In addition to this, members have expressed through various forums that they wish to work closer to where they live rather than having to travel into Sydney every day, and the RTBU supports this position.

To date, both Sydney Trains and the RTBU have been focused on the Clause 12 content of the ‘reform’ process however, members are advised that both Sydney Trains and the RTBU are now about to enter into discussions regarding the process to move the amount of crew required arising from the de-centralisation proposal.

While the detail surrounding the closure of depots, crew movements and the locations for them are yet to be finalised, both Sydney Trains and the RTBU will be setting up a working party to manage the complex issues that will arise out of this – issues such as the new facilities required, how and when crew can and will be moved as well as any industrial issues that may arise from this proposal.

As these Working Groups are convened and further detail is provided/available, members will be regularly updated on the progress of this matter.

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