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PN Service Delivery Transformation = Termination

Nov 3, 2016National News

Instead of consulting with you and your union, Pacific National consulted with their bean-counters and delivered a decision to terminate over 120 of its permanent workers. PN wants to replace these employees with casuals or with labour hire. Read the full Bulletin here.

One Comment to “PN Service Delivery Transformation = Termination”

  • Well what else is new, during my time as the Eveleigh branch secretary and many years as the head of the Rostering & Diagram Committee I drew the Unions attention to the breach of union rules in regards to Enginemen working
    special steam trains and not being paid, under the pretence that they were volunteers, but yet these so called
    volunteers ,one of who is a RBTU Official Today would come back out and sign on duty to work his normal rostered
    State Rail Shift, these Men were Know by all as the ABC Crewing for the societies in that they would tear up the cheque and the Rail Society would have had the Train Crewed free of charge.
    When Bernie Willingale was made aware of this total disregard for Union Rules and the breach of safety the
    Rostering of enginemen qualified for steam services was again carried out by the State Rail Authority.
    It appears that this old enemy “GREED” has raised its ugly head again, I wont name names but I ran into a
    Drover who has retired over ten years ago.
    On my first night on the P&O Pacific Jewel Cruise on the 12th of October 2016 I was seated at a table of eight
    people and the conversation started as usual with what do you do for a living, the first cab off the rank was this person, who stated that he Owned a Freight Railway in New South Wales and although he was retired Driver
    he drove freight trains for his company at a reduced rate of pay as he wanted the company to employ his
    nephew……..I am prepared to Name this DROVER and the Company he works for, he does not own the company
    he, like many other are working for a pittance because they love the thrill of driving trains, they don’t care
    about the damage that they are doing to the Union Engineman who is supposed to be paid the correct
    hourly rate, they only care about their own selfish selves.

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