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PN Intermodal – terrible case of employee relations

Apr 1, 2016News

A member employed by PN Intermodal was recently contacted one evening and asked to work an overtime shift to help the company, which in good faith he agreed to do. The driver was subsequently advised that the train was running late and would be arriving around 4am, so he went to bed to prepare himself for the shift.

At midnight the driver was contacted by SDC 1 hour prior to his scheduled call and was advised not to worry about coming to work as the train was running late. The driver asked what would happen to the shift and was advised to contact his manager to get the first leg paid as per long standing practice.

The driver subsequently spoke to his manager and was advised that his claim was not going to be paid.

Putting the terrible moral and employee relations issues aside, the union has now called upon the company to answer the following:

  1. What incentive is there for employees to agree to help the company and accept an overtime shift and adjust their and their family’s life accordingly to prepare for the overtime shift?
  2. Why are we now seeing this a complete change to what has always happened in the past? This change in attitude towards employees who answer their phone and accept overtime to help the company will destroy any incentive for employees to do so in the future irrespective of the possible impacts train services.
  3. What has the company done to advise employees of this negative change in attitude/position towards employees who agree to help the company as all employees across the country should have been made aware of this change so members / employees can have this in mind next time someone from the company calls them to ask if they would help the company by doing overtime so as not to cancel a service and or delay a train due to late running and no crew availability etc.
  4. What is the incentive for employees to agree to help the company, change their and their family’s plans and accept an overtime shift when there is no concern shown in return by the company about fostering goodwill between the company and employees and or encouraging employees to help?

While the union has been promised a written response to this matter, at the time of writing the company had not formally responded – even though it is some 8 days after the matter was raised with them.


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