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PN Intermodal and Bulk EAs nearing voting

May 21, 2013News

The Pacific National Intermodal and Bulk enterprise agreements are in the final stages, with the union negotiating committee currently doing a final review of the documents.

The RTBU negotiating team had hoped for the process to move much faster, however the timeframe had to be extended after the company’s documents were found to contain a number of errors including incorrect calculations and missing words.

Pacific National Intermodal has not made itself available for meetings this week to rectify the problems and PN Bulk has confirmed a meeting for Wednesday 22nd May.

Once rectified, the union will be requesting that Pacific National supply all employees with an individual copy of the agreement 14 days prior to voting – during which time the usual joint union and company meetings will be scheduled so members can hear form both parties before casting their secret ballot.

Pacific National has proposed a new method of voting, using an external independent secure internet and phone company, however more research on the process must yet be done before the union will be happy to proceed with the new system. A meeting to discuss the voting process will take place at 10am Wednesday 22nd May.

2 Comments to “PN Intermodal and Bulk EAs nearing voting”

  • So what is happening with the Intermodal EA? Like trying to get blood from a stone with no information whatsoever coming back to the members on the ground. Surely something has happening in the 6 weeks since this last update ???

    • Hi Scott, Thanks for your question. The Agreement has now been finalsied and will be distributed shortly and a Newsflash will be issued regarding the dates for the depot tour and voting process. We’ll put an update on Loco Express with any new information. Thanks.

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