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PN Enterprise Agreement negotiations to start soon

Apr 1, 2016Update

The enterprise agreement silly session is about to kick off (although some would say it just continuing) with arrangements being made for preliminary Pacific National Enterprise Agreement discussions to commence.

While Pacific National Coal, Bulk and Intermodal Agreements have a nominal expiry date of 31st March 2017 they also included the provision for discussions to commence 12 months from this date.

The initial meetings will be centred around process, Delegate / Member participation, venues and various other process matters, members should start to think about the matters / clauses they would like to see changed, added and or removed from their current Agreements as RTBU membership surveys will be sent to members to develop the various log of claims.

Based on PN’s attitude towards members / employees during the life of the current EA’s we can all expect this round of negotiations to be frustrating, somewhat eventful and we look forward to seeing what the company’s imagination will have dreamt up.

The other issue which may complicate the negotiations is the Asciano sale process and what the potential new owners may have in mind as the sale process comes to an end.

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