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PN Coal – Slight Reprieve

Apr 1, 2016Uncategorized

In significant news for Pacific National Coal members, management this week advised they will not proceed with any forced retrenchments.

The decision comes after stronger than expected volumes for the last couple months and forecasts for the next two months. After initially blaming a downturn in work for the need to cut jobs (despite the union being incredibly sceptical of the claim all along!), it seems the company has finally reassessed the situation.

This means that the company is not progressing with the further reductions to 46 from crew at Port Waratah, and that there will be no call for expressions of interested in voluntary redundancies from Morandoo based employees.

The only exception to this will be that management will re-visit a small number of expressions of interest for voluntary redundancy from Port Waratah crew that were initially non-binding

To date, PN says 27 drivers have taken voluntary redundancy, and there are a couple more who have since expressed interest that the company is now speaking to.

Ten terminal staff including those on secondment will have the opportunity to be selected by a merit-based process for appointment to the main line.

Of course any job loss is a major concern, and the union is still taking steps to ensure all members are provided the assistance they need during this difficult time. However, it is a very good result that no one has been forced out.

If you have any concerns or questions about the current PN situation, please don’t hesitate to contact your local delegate or the Loco Division office.

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