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PN Bulk & Coal: Voting opens today!

Sep 1, 2017News PN Updates

To all PN bulk, coal and PN Vic NSW members,

Voting towards your Protected Action Ballot opens today! Keep an eye out for ballot papers which will be arriving in the mail from today.

The Ballot will close at 10:00am AEST on the 28th September 2017.

There’s a lot at stake

We’re fighting against cuts to our conditions and we’re fighting for our shift penalties to be maintained.

We want limits on casualisation and labour hire, and an independent umpire to help resolve disputes.

We deserve proper consultation, better accommodation standards for barracks, and a fair and reasonable wage increase that properly recognises the contribution that workers make to the company.

Vote YES!

Your Loco Division team recommends you vote YES on every question.

Remember, a YES vote is a vote to make sure all options are available to you and your workmates.

5 Comments to “PN Bulk & Coal: Voting opens today!”

  • yes

  • The weak link in all of these negotiations appear to be that PN want to go to the “Bulk” EA. We need unity across the board. Bulk need to fight for the “Coal” standard, not down grade the majority.

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • YES.

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