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NSW Trains to use new pay system from January

Oct 26, 2016News

An initial meeting has been convened to begin consultation regarding the integration of HR, payroll, procurement and finance so that this comes from one place instead of across multiple systems and processes.

Transport Equip is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which has been used by TfNSW staff and Senior Service since July 2015 and by the Rail Maintenance Service (RMS) since March 2016.

NSW Trains staff will use the new system from January 2017 with Sydney Trains to follow in June 2017.

Crew will experience some changes to pay dockets and information available as a result of the new system. The major changes are that there will be less detail on the payslip and the award rate will change from annual to weekly as per Section 4 of the EA.

There is a move to remove paper usage across the all Government agencies and payslips will be more readily available electronically. However, if members still want a hard copy this will be provided.

NSW Trains will use the new system first, and the changes and their impacts will be validated prior to Sydney Trains commencing use of the new system.

One Comment to “NSW Trains to use new pay system from January”

  • It is very interesting that they only chose 5:43 hours = 5.7167 units and under the new system = 5.72. for an example.

    If they would have shown 5:44 hours = 5.7333 units and under the new system = 5.73 units, that’s 0.0333 units reduction in time. However, the money value is still the same.

    I would like you to ask the question to Trains NSW, IF a transactions showing everyday working payments will be available as it is under current epayroll system.

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