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NSW Trains: Rostering dispute lodged

Jul 27, 2017News

Regional members are advised that a Step 2 Dispute has been lodged with NSW Trains in regards to the implementation of the Opcrew rostering system across regional depots.

This implementation has resulted in the period rosters (in some locations) appearing in a completely different format to the previously consulted and agreed Master roster for that location. Additionally, the implementation has not been across the board in its application as previously advised, with only one depot receiving its period roster in the Opcrew format and with all other depots still retaining Microster formats. NSW Trains rostering has also failed to apply cumulative fatigue score by fortnight, rather opting for a daily view that is not cumulative.

To complicate matters further, drivers in some depots do not appear to be rotating through their rosters in the agreed method under the Opcrew system along with these rosters not showing the required ADO. The Loco Division has met with management and is currently awaiting a response to this matter.

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