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NSW Trains requests drivers pay for their own training

Aug 9, 2013News

It would appear that NSW TrainLink is considering having drivers pay for their own training courses, if recent events are any indication.

The RTBU has received information that a junior NSW TrainLink (CountryLink) driver recently requested to learn routes and working performed by a foreign depot.

Information to hand is that a NSW TrainLink Rostering Manager suggested that if the driver was prepared to pay for his own safeworking course through a private training provider (at not insignificant personal cost) that it would be OK, and that the driver should be able to recoup his costs as a result of overtime he would pick up doing the foreign depot’s working.

The junior driver accepted this proposal. The RTBU is currently investigating these allegations, and views with great concern the potential impact this may have if proven, particularly given that we will soon be commencing EA negotiations with NSW TrainLink.

Further, there are a number of Code of Conduct implications for the individuals involved.

6 Comments to “NSW Trains requests drivers pay for their own training”

  • What the hell is going on over there? If they’re not careful all of our working conditions will be up for grabs. Why should we pay for our own training? If management want you to do something you are not qualified for they should pay.

  • Just another attack on our conditions. We should rip it up them for even trying that what a pathetic system the liberal government is trying to introduce

  • Does this mean I can pay to be trained as a say….Rostering Officer and NSW Trains will recognise my Qualifications and would then offer me a fill in position as rostering officer as overtime over others already in that position, where do I sign up?

  • I am the same as Daryl. Where can I sign up?

  • The way it reads to me:- is that the Driver made the request to learn another depots working. If C’link management want/need him to qualify then they should pay.

    However if he just wants to be able to get some of the foreign depot’s overtime, then I suggest that he is just being greedy & only considering himself. This has the potential to degrade conditions if allowed to progress.

  • On one hand I concur with what Bruce Matthews had to say, in my book of morals and ethics, actively poaching another man’s work is tantamount to scabbing. However, it has been common practice for some time for Countrylink Drivers to go “on loan” to other Countrylink depots to cover manpower shortages, an act that management has not only supported but encouraged and there is no way that these employees should be expected to foot the bill for their own training. Dear management, you want these people to perform the work, YOU provide the training.

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