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No plans to sell off South Coast rail line

May 17, 2017News

Transport for NSW has refuted claims that it was considering privatising the Illawarra train line.

The Illawarra line finishes at Waterfall and any such move towards privatising it would likely have flow-on effects for the South Coast line.

Read more in the Illawarra Mercury

One Comment to “No plans to sell off South Coast rail line”

  • I wonder if the New Diesel Fleet to be based on the South Coast Line, will sit within the core assets on the Illawarra line? After all, the tender put out recently specified design, build, operate and maintain. That smacks of privatisation should Sydney or NSW trains fail to secure the tender. With the Independent Transport Safety Regulator now abolished by the State Liberal Government the level of scrutiny of safety could never be achieved by a nationally based regulator. Private enterprise will always have a business case (profit versus safety) stakeholder struggle.
    Watch that space and your pockets.

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