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Newsflash: Hunter Valley and Gunnedah Basin Coal News

Oct 7, 2016News

After years of next to no progress on the long term issues of tunnels, crib breaks and relief points, the RTBU recently wrote to all the major players including Pacific National, Aurizon, Freightliner, ARTC, Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator and the Office of National Safety Regulation (ONSRR) to request a meeting.

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One Comment to “Newsflash: Hunter Valley and Gunnedah Basin Coal News”

  • Relief points – Black Ck at Branxton OK during the day, could use better lighting at night,
    Rutherford/Farley very inadequate. no lighting, very poor level area maybe 10 metre, on a bend,
    cannot see in the dark & difficult to stop at during the day because of the bend & being on a down hill grade.
    If ARTC are serious they should build a proper ramps with lighting to enable step on step off.
    It is also difficult to get to, only single access track to get there from Winders lane from Lochinvar.
    Very poor choice.
    Also put in a relief point also at the top of Camberwell Jct on the Up relief would make sense.

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