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New digs for PN at Chullora

Aug 1, 2012Update

Staff and crew at the PN Intermodal office at Chullora are delighted that they can finally see some progress in the construction of their long-promised new office.  
Due to be opened in November the building will replace the dilapidated current office that has been on its last legs for the last 18 years at least.
There has been a increase in admin staff, drivers, maintenance crew, co-ordinators and supervisors over the last few years and the long suffering workers have been squeezed into cramped workspaces, meal rooms and change rooms.
The upgrade is timely as PN has just signed a seven-year deal with OneSteel and traffic is set to increase significantly. The staff look forward to the day when the shabby existing office is finally demolished to make way for new steel loading area.

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