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MP calls for XPT fleet to be built in the Hunter

Apr 5, 2017News

Tim Crakanthorp MP has called on the NSW Government to build the replacement XPT train fleet in the Hunter.

He also notes that the Hunter has two train manufacturers and that the NSW Government recently awarded the 2.3 billion NIF contract to a South Korean company.

One Comment to “MP calls for XPT fleet to be built in the Hunter”

  • We have to know how and the facilities’ to build these trains so why not keep the trains Australian made and use our work force instead of giving it to another country. Support Australian jobs not give them to overseas. At least if the train is made here in NSW we know that the train will go from Central to Brisbane and Central to Melbourne and even out west to Dubbo. Give the contract to NSW to build the replacement trains for the XPT and all other future trains.

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