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Mortdale route knowledge training

May 14, 2015News

The long-running dispute over the training of drivers at Mortdale has finally been resolved.

The Loco Division has been calling for additional training to be provided to Mortdale drivers following the new infrastructure changes associated with the upgrade at Glenfield station.

The dispute has now ben resolved, with Sydney Trains agreeing in the Fair Work Commission to provide the necessary training.

Starting this month, Mortdale drivers will be provided with the opportunity to traverse the required routes in accordance with TWP 108 and receive a briefing on the associated signalling and infrastructure changes followed by an assessment on the knowledge gained.

Once completed, Mortdale drivers will once again be fully qualified for all aspects of this area in accordance with the provisions of the current EA.

If any issues or questions arise regarding this training members should contact their local delegate or the RTBU office.

The Loco Division would like to take this opportunity to thank all who participated for their determination and patience in successfully achieving this good outcome.

2 Comments to “Mortdale route knowledge training”

  • I am wondering how does this resolve the issue of them not being qualified for the traction that runs over this section.? Yes they will learn the section but they cannot drive it because of the this issue. Can someone please explain this to me?

    • Hi Angela, The maintenance of existing route knowledge is covered under the terms of the Enterprise Agreement and was successfully upheld during the recent Mortdale dispute.
      The issue of traction qualifications is not covered under the same agreement and is determined by the operational requirements of the relative depot/region. Sydney trains decides what traction will operate and where which then determines qualifications for drivers. As this is a business decision and not covered under the EA, the route knowledge protections are not applicable to traction qualifications.

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