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Malcolm Turnbull has banned the Eureka Flag

Feb 7, 2018Update
A message from Australian Unions:

The new building laws introduced by Malcolm Turnbull’s Coalition government – and supported by One Nation – mean that workers for any construction company that wants government work can’t display any union stickers, symbols, logos or mottos — including the Eureka Flag!

The Eureka Flag is a cherished symbol of democracy and collective action for Australians everywhere. Its banning at work is unAustralian.

Sign the petition to reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s ban on the Eureka Flag!

The new code bans “images generally attributed to, or associated with an organisation, such as the iconic symbol of the five white stars on the Eureka Stockade Flag.” It also bans “mottos” and union names, symbols, “signs, markings or indications.”

For more information visit:

We know that if the Turnbull Coalition government gets away with this ban for construction sites it will move to other industries as well and the freedom of Australians to fully participate in their union will be taken away.

This fight isn’t just an attack on workers but an attack on freedom of speech as well. Please support the petition and forward this email to anyone who cares about our Australian democracy.

In unity,

Australian Unions Team

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