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Maintenance centre train washes update

Apr 3, 2013News

RailCorp recently proposed to have train washes “timetabled” and incorporated into diagrams so the incoming driver would be responsible for the Waratah train wash procedure – not the rostered shed/wash driver as is the current practice today.

As stated in the previous article on this issue, the union has concerns about how this will impact on drivers.

Workshops are now being undertaken at Hornsby, Mortdale and Flemington Maintenance Centers with both RTBU and WHS representatives in attendance.

The purpose of these workshops is to review RailCorps proposed procedures for this new working alongside the current procedures to determine if any new risks or hazards are being introduced into the workplace.

Based on the successful outcomes of these workshops, a pilot of this working will be conducted over a 6 week period, during which regular reviews will be undertaken.

Members will be kept informed of the progress of this issue.

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