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LocoTV – 19 February

Feb 20, 2015

In this edition of LocoTV hear about the plan to give drivers iPads, the Transport Minister’s parking hypocrisy, the Loco BBQ tour, the QUBE negotiations and the 4th March rallies being held around the country.

Sydney Trains has proposed to issue Drivers with iPads, with a trial about to get underway with about 50 members from across Sydney Trains.
The iPads, which are already being used by guards, would be used to submit hazard reports and store items like manuals and network rules.
The trial, which is being conducted by drivers of various ages and experience with computer literacy levels, will be run over several months.
Stay tuned for updates on this as the Division works through the many issues associated with the proposal.

It’s been revealed that the NSW Government’s move to remove staff car parking and replace them with commuter parking hasn’t been anywhere near as successful as they claim.
Taxpayers have had to fork out thousands of dollars to pay for works, which in some instances have resulted in just a few extra commuter parks.
And in the ultimate act of hypocrisy, workers found this sign reserving a special spot for the Transport Minister at Leppington station recently.
So much for the importance of staff sharing their parks with commuters.

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at QUBE are continuing – but this time it’s with a new management team.
After reaching agreement on a number of clauses in the EA, new management was brought in to take over the negotiations. Unfortunately the new team has set the discussions back a few steps, after deciding to change some of the already agreed sections.
The negotiations are now moving at a very slow place, and while the union negotiating team will do everything possible to keep things moving in the right direction, it’s important all QUBE members make sure they’re keeping up to date with the latest via the Loco express website and local delegates.

Make sure you put Wednesday the 4th of March in your diary – it’s the day workers from across the country will come together as part of a National Day of Action.
Rallies will be held at various locations aimed at showing the Federal coalition government exactly what we want from our leaders
The decision to hold the large scale event came after the ACTU ran a recent survey in which tens of thousands of respondents said they are worried about rights at work and living standards and are also deeply dissatisfies with the Coalition government’s policies.
For information on a rally near you, go to the Loco Express website.

And finally, the Loco Division is about to kick off a very important BBQ tour of the state.
Loco Division reps will be turning up at various locations with a BBQ and plenty of snags throughout March, meeting with members to discuss ideas on how the union can improve its communications and discussing working conditions and any general issues members may be experiencing.
This is a great opportunity to have your say, so make sure you head along for a BBQ and a chat.
Check out the Loco Express website for a full list of the tour dates and venues for the first round, with a further northern tour to be announced soon.

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