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LocoTV – 17 December 2014

Dec 17, 2014

In this edition of LocoTV, hear the latest on the Sydney Trains uniforms, the Newcastle train line rally and the Freightliner EA talks. Merry Christmas from everyone at LocoTV!

The issues with the new Sydney Trains uniforms are still ongoing, with the company refusing to listen to workers concerns.

Members have raised a range of concerns about the uniforms, including that are too hot, and that some workers are having adverse reactions to the materials

The RTBU is currently collating members’ issues with the uniforms via surveys and will present management with the information.

Hopefully common sense will soon prevail. Stay tuned for more info on this one.

The RTBU was in Newcastle last weekend, joining community members and other workers at a rally against the NSW Government’s plans to rip up the track into the CBD.

The Government has confirmed that it plans to rip up the rail line on Boxing Day – a move the Loco Division says defies logic.

The Loco Division has been fighting the Government’s decision to rob the Newcastle community of its rail line since the announcement was first made and will continue to put pressure on the Premier and Transport Minister to reverse the decision before the Boxing Day deadline.

There’s been some movement on the Freightliner enterprise agreement, with the parties finally reaching an in-principle agreement on all the outstanding matters.

The document is now being prepared to be given to members for a formal vote.

The union team was able to negotiate a number of significant changes to the company’s version of the agreement which was put to the workforce recently, despite the union saying it wasn’t good enough, and rejected by workers.

Stay tuned for information on when member meetings and the formal voting process – which will be a new and independent process – will take place.

And finally, on behalf of the Loco Division I’d like to wish you all a very, very merry and a happy new year.

Thank you for your support and comradery throughout 2014. We were certainly faced with some challenges, but together we faced them head on and managed some very important wins for the rights of transport workers too.

We look forward to working with you all again in 2015. Stay safe over your festive break.

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