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Let’s support businesses who won’t cut rates: send your pics!

Mar 5, 2017News

One of our members from the Blue Mountains has sent in the details of a business which won’t be cutting Sunday and public holiday penalty rates for its staff.

Glenbrook Liquor Store has a sign out front confirming that it’s proud to pay its staff penalty rates.

It also posted on its Facebook page:

“Our staff work hard and don’t deserve to be paid less for doing the same job!”

We’d love to promote any other businesses in your community who are also standing up for penalty rates.

If you see a business sticking up for workers and promising not to slash their pay please send us your photos!

Post details in a comment below or send them via email:

You can read more in the Blue Mountains Gazette (scroll through to page 10)

2 Comments to “Let’s support businesses who won’t cut rates: send your pics!”

  • There should be an ACTU Nationwide accredited logo for businesses paying the full and proper rates, we have seen recently that consumer power has the ability to change the minds of unscrupulous employers like CUB who want to exploit workers, and even this week when Coopers were forced to withdraw support for the Bible Society and their stance on marriage equality. The public are our allies in this campaign and we need to engage and embrace them and turn this evil decision by the stacked deck of the Unfair Work Commission around so that the most vulnerable workers are protected.

    • I don’t see the connection between the bullying of a company because of their opinion on gay marriage and the issue of penalty rates. Though Australia is sliding backwards in a lot of areas, the freedom of opinion hasn’t been banned just yet.

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