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Sep 1, 2017News

Wage parity was on top of the agenda at your Enterprise Agreement talks at Friday’s meeting. Your RTBU Team made it clear that the members and Railtrain employees deserve to be paid the same as […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Voting opens today!

Sep 1, 2017News PN Updates

To all PN bulk, coal and PN Vic NSW members, Voting towards your Protected Action Ballot opens today! Keep an eye out for ballot papers which will be arriving in the mail from today. The […] Read More »

Workers short-changed by $14 billion

Aug 31, 2017News

Australia’s employers have failed to pay $17bn in super belonging to their employees since 2009, and tax authorities have only been able to detect and claw back $3bn. The Australian Tax Office has published estimates […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Update your details so you can vote!

Aug 29, 2017News PN Updates

To all Pacific National Bulk and Coal members, Protected Action Ballot voting will open on 1 September 2017 and as you know, there’s a lot at stake. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will request a […] Read More »

Rail History insights from August

Aug 25, 2017Uncategorized

Read below as Bob Newham, RTBU passenger organiser, explores some of the incredible history behind rail in New South Wales. As you will discover, the month of August has many stories to tell… August 1906 […] Read More »

Sydney Trains – Future Operations Update

Aug 25, 2017News

An RTBU Locomotive Division Sydney Trains Delegates’ Forum was held yesterday 23/08/17 to discuss and endorse the Locomotive Divisions’ continued involvement in the Future Operations program (Clause 12 – Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2014). Delegates […] Read More »

Update – Aurizon Intermodal Closure

Aug 25, 2017News

At meetings held across the state regarding the closure of Aurizon’s Intermodal Operations, Aurizon have stated that they will close the gates on the 31st December 2017 leaving over 250 employees nationally without a job. […] Read More »

2017 Rail Enterprise Bargaining: Update for members

Aug 25, 2017News

Your union representatives met with management on the 22nd August. We told them that we want an Agreement that secures good jobs now and in the future. Read the update here. Read More »

Qld government seeks new offence of “industrial manslaughter”

Aug 23, 2017News

After two tragic incidents last year that cost six people their lives, the Queensland Government commissioned a Best Practice Review of Workplace Health and Safety. Among the recommendations was to create a new offence of industrial manslaughter, […] Read More »

Community fed up with Constance

Aug 21, 2017News

The community is losing faith in having a Transport Minister who is not up to the job. “Andrew Constance has again revealed the government’s anti-union bias  and its failure to appreciate the value the public places […] Read More »