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PN starts the blame game

Apr 4, 2017News

Last Wednesday & Thursday we met with PN management in an attempt to negotiate your new agreement. With next to no progress, after around nine or 10 meeting days, the only thing that has been agreed is that there […] Read More »

Secretary’s wrap

Mar 31, 2017Secretary's run-down

“In short, the very wealthy have too much power in our country and ordinary Australians – working people – do not have enough.” That’s how ACTU Secretary Sally McManus summed up today’s Australia at her Press […] Read More »

We stand up, we fight back: Sally McManus

Mar 30, 2017News

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus called for an historic $45-a-week increase to the minimum wage during a speech to the National Press Club on Wednesday. She also reiterated her belief that when laws are unjust, she doesn’t see […] Read More »

Commuters will have months of pain, but Gladys Berejiklian never asked if it was worth it

Mar 30, 2017News

Commuters will have months of pain, but Gladys Berejiklian never asked if it was worth it, writes Jacob Saulwick, City Editor at The Sydney Morning Herald. “What was never explored was whether Berejiklian could simply have built […] Read More »

Built in NSW and still going strong

Mar 29, 2017News

Comeng got it right, all those years ago… Read More »

Delays, congestion ahead during Epping-Chatswood link closure

Mar 29, 2017News

SEVENTY-FOUR extra buses between 8 and 9am on already congested roads. MORE than 5000 people boarding buses at Macquarie University Station in the evening peak hour. FIFTY-EIGHT extra buses on Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park, between 8 […] Read More »

Push for new XPT assembly in Orange

Mar 29, 2017News

Member for Orange Phil Donato is pushing for NSW’s replacement XPT fleet to be assembled in Orange, after the NSW Government announced earlier this month that it would aim for the trains to be assembled in […] Read More »

Kangy Angy before and after the rain

Mar 22, 2017News

Kangy Angy might look like an ok spot to build the New Intercity Fleet (NIF) maintenance centre on a good day: But here’s how it looked after recent heavy rain: This is not a one-off […] Read More »

Vic PN Rural & Bulk to commence industrial action

Mar 22, 2017News

The Victorian Locomotive Division has advised PN Rural and Bulk (R&B Victoria) that Victorian Locomotive Division members employed by PN R&B (in Victoria) will commence protected industrial action against Pacific National R&B from Wednesday 22nd […] Read More »

On board the only train in the world to cross into the Arctic Circle

Mar 22, 2017News

The ‘Polar Express’ of the Nordlandsbanen Railway is the longest railway in Norway and the only one in the world to cross the Arctic Circle. Journalist Paul Hutchinson describes its journey through the fjord lands of western […] Read More »