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HOT TOPIC: The Airport Wars

Apr 20, 2012Hot Topic

Traffic gridlock, air travel delays, lost jobs, slowed economic growth and a return to the concentration of aircraft noise that plagued Sydney in the 1990s – according to a new study this is the scenario […] Read More »

Crossing collisions decline but better education is crucial

Apr 20, 2012Update

The recent launch of the rail industry initiative TrackSAFE which aims to reduce level crossing, trespass and suicide incidents on the rail network is a timely reminder that more needs to be done at a […] Read More »

Proposed fatigue laws won’t maintain safety standards

Apr 18, 2012Update

The RTBU has welcomed the response by Transport for NSW to the draft National Laws regulating fatigue management in the rail industry. “Transport for NSW has picked up the deficiencies in the draft that the […] Read More »

Drug testing win gives drivers hope

Mar 29, 2012Update

The RTBU has welcomed a Fair Work Australia decision that drug testing was unfair and unreasonable and that swab tests were a more appropriate test of impairment. The union has long argued that urine testing was […] Read More »

Cost cutting O’Farrell sets his sights on WorkCover

Mar 28, 2012Update

An audit of the NSW WorkCover scheme has just been completed, and with a $4 billion deficit predicted by the end of the year, Barry O’Farrell says the system is in dire need of reform. […] Read More »

RailCorp fails to derail driver’s dismissal appeal

Mar 27, 2012Update

The Locomotive Division has had a win at the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) against RailCorp which was attempting to shut down an unfair dismissal case using a legal technicality. Last July a RailCorp driver, Mr […] Read More »

Drivers asked for feedback on Oscar glare trial

Mar 23, 2012Update

The RTBU been also been pursuing RailCorp over the unacceptable levels of glare from the dash of the Oscar for more than 12 months. As an interim solution ‘dash mats’ were trialled, then several non-reflective/anti-glare […] Read More »

Waratah detrainment ramp finally fixed

Mar 23, 2012Update

The long-running struggle with RailCorp over the cab detrainment ramp has now been resolved. The two roof-mounted pulleys for the detrainment ramp guide ropes had originally been placed at just the right height for the […] Read More »

RTBU beats RailCorp’s sectorisation push

Mar 22, 2012Update

The RTBU Loco Division has beaten at attempt by RailCorp to extend sectorisation on the CityRail suburban network. The RTBU challenged RailCorp in Fair Work Australia over its plan to put a stop to requirements […] Read More »

3801 drivers missing out on EA rises

Mar 19, 2012Update

The 3801 steam locomotive, built in Sydney by Clyde Engineering in 1943, has been painstakingly repaired and maintained by full-time, casual and volunteer employees since the 1980s. It’s a labour of love but for a […] Read More »

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