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When good faith turns bad

Nov 25, 2012News

Unfortunately our colleagues in the Tram and Bus Division of the RTBU have recently had a taste of what happens when an employer turns its back on a negotiated EA. Read More »

Storm in a pee cup

Nov 19, 2012News

A RailCorp driver has been reinstated by the Transport Appeals Board after it found that he had not tampered with a urine sample. The driver from Hornsby was dismissed on 21 March 2012 for a […] Read More »

Rail workers across Europe join action against austerity cuts

Nov 16, 2012Hot Topic

Train drivers have joined other workers in mass strikes across European capital cities in protest of austerity cuts and crippling tax hikes. Public transport ground to a halt in Lisbon and Madrid during the week and in Greece, train drivers stopped work for 3 hours to highlight their concerns. Read More »

Railcorp slashes almost 700 jobs

Nov 16, 2012News

Another 690 jobs have today been axed from Railcorp – a move the RTBU says will cost commuters.  Read More »

South West Rail Link community sessions

Nov 15, 2012News

Members of the public are being invited to see how construction of the south-west Rail Link project is progressing. Read More »

Parliament calls on Transport Minister to apologise for ‘bludgers’ comments

Nov 15, 2012News

The NSW Greens have given notice of a motion on the NSW Legislative Council which calls on the Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian to apologise for recently describing Railcorp workers as ‘bludgers’. Read More »

QR Intermodal workers set for a good agreement

Nov 9, 2012News

QR Intermodal members look set to receive a good outcome in Enterprise Agreement negotiations, with the company coming to the table on a number of areas outlined by the membership. Read More »

Updated medical standards for rail workers

Oct 31, 2012News

All rail workers will soon have a common set of health assessment arrangements, regardless of which state they work in, following the approval of updated rail safety worker medical standards. Australia’s Transport and Infrastructure Ministers […] Read More »

ATP alarm testing

Oct 26, 2012News

Rigorous testing of new alarm systems has been carried out to ensure there’s no confusion when the new sounds are introduced. As part of the Automatic Train Protection project, several Loco Division members have been […] Read More »

Transport Minister should apologise for slur on workforce

Oct 26, 2012News

Workers across NSW woke recently to see the NSW Transport Minister in the newspapers calling hardworking Railcorp workers bludgers. Read More »

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