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In-cab recording at Aurizon – have your say

Mar 7, 2016News

The in-cab recording system saga at Aurizon is continuing. The latest is that Aurizon has placed a box and some survey forms on a counter at Mayfield – trouble is, the box and forms aren’t supervised in any way.

The Loco Division is concerned that this is purely set up so that the company can say that it has fulfilled its obligation to consult over ‘major workplace change’. None of the questions asked in the survey are particularly relevant.

To make sure Aurizon members do actually have the opportunity to have their say on the important issue of in-cab cameras recording our movements, please take the time to complete this survey.

All of your answers will be kept anonymous.

3 Comments to “In-cab recording at Aurizon – have your say”

  • In cab cameras are an invasion of privacy and will not improve safety in any way.

  • I firmly believe that In-cab cameras are a complete invasion of my privacy. No mater what purpose they use to justify its purpose, these recordings could be used to form biased opinions of individuals who have a democratic right to share their opinions on company policy, procedure and undertakings with work colleagues in a private environment. To take this freedom away from us is just another further method of micromanaging our performance after taking away the skilled aspects of our profession thanks to automated trains driven by the mighty dollar. “Here press this button every time the bell goes “. (Whilst a camera looks at you to make sure your looking out the front window).

    Despite what they claim I firmly believe that’s biased opinions will result in ongoing scrutiny, disrespect and disciplinary action driven by the managements bonus structure.

    Rant over but I could go on all day about this one.

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