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Hornsby Yard Re-Modelling Training

Nov 28, 2017Update

Members will be rostered for the continuation of the training intervention: “Hornsby Yard Re-Modelling Training”. There should be communications from the business reflecting this. 

The RTBU Locomotive Division have been involved in the development of the training for the changes. An RBTNA was undertaken to identify the training needs, which were then developed into curriculum and delivery methods identified.

A one day training course was piloted with the changes identified and explained through, virtual reality, elearning based scenarios (8), and detailed maps. This assessment process was completed with unanimous positive results. Any changes identified through the pilot have been incorporated.

The RTBU Locomotive Division would like to thanks the reps and members involved for their hard work during this process. 

Please contact Head Office if further information is required or feedback when training undertaken.

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