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Help keep Newcastle’s public transport in public hands

Mar 17, 2016News

The NSW Government’s plans to privatise Newcastle’s buses, ferries and light rail are still well and truly on the agenda.

If this is allowed to happen, it would be disastrous for local workers and the region as a whole – a region which is already reeling from the Baird Government’s decision to rip up the heavy rail line into the city.

The government’s intention to bundle up the bus, light rail and ferry network and sell it off to a private company is a classic case of putting profits ahead of people, and will put services and local jobs at risk.

Will you help Newcastle’s public transport in the hands of the public by signing this petition to the government?

The more signatures we get, the greater chance we have of protecting our public transport.

3 Comments to “Help keep Newcastle’s public transport in public hands”

  • No to sale of public transport

  • this government will not stop till everything is privatised but at least then we can get rid of state governments

  • Politicians seem to be obsessed with selling off all our public assets and utilities under the guise of using the proceeds to fund public works. The reality is that they continue to demonstrate they have no business acumen whatsoever, can’t make a profit on anything they touch, and demonstrate that they serve to further only their own interests or those of their political allies. The needs of the population of NSW are of secondary consideration.

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