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Footplate: Step 2 Dispute – TCAC Assigners

Dec 30, 2017Update

Members are advised of a current Step 2 dispute regarding the actions of TCAC assigners.

This dispute arises from recent instances of Drivers conditions being attacked in attempts to mitigate the current Driver shortage and alleviate the problems of sectorisation.

The Loco Division has been made aware of the following:

  • Attempts to “re-roster” Drivers at sign-on
  • Drivers being pressured to extend beyond our rostered shift limit of 8’33” as contained within our Enterprise Agreement
  • Issuance of “made up” jobs exceeding 9 hours
  • Drivers being pressured to exceed our EA kilometre limit of 217 as contained within our Enterprise Agreement
  • Misrepresentations of what constitutes an emergency

Disappointingly, we have also received reports of TCAC assigners directing Drivers to breach the Drivers Rostering and Working Arrangements by performing foreign depot shed work.

Members cannot and will not stand for connived misapplications of our agreements or attacks on our hard fought conditions.

The Locomotive Division would like to congratulate Members who have stood their ground and enforced our industrial agreements and encourage others to do the same.

We would like to hear of any instances where Sydney Trains have attempted to breach our agreements. Additionally if Members have queries about shift limits and related conditions please contact your local Delegate.

Members will be advised as this dispute progresses.

Download the Footplate here.

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