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Epping to Thornleigh Third Track – Training

Jun 7, 2016News

On the long weekend in June, Sydney Trains will take possession of the new third track from Epping to Thornleigh and it is proposed that training will commence for drivers in the following week.

The training proposed for drivers should take approximately 2 hours and will include a short oral question / answer assessment. This will be supported by colour maps and relevant safety information to be received in the safety critical document packs. Further support and information will be available from Standards Officers. Participants will meet at Epping platform to start the training after signing on at their home depot.

The RTBU Loco Division has been consulted, have had input and support the method to be undertaken as previously proposed.

We would like to thank those members who were involved and assisted in development of this training intervention. If members want any further information or experience any issues during the training then please contact head office.

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