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Constance admits it: the NSW government wants to totally privatise public transport

Mar 21, 2017News

We’ve long accused the NSW Government of a hidden privatisation agenda – and now Transport and Infrastructure Minister Andrew Constance has openly admitted that he wants to see our trains and buses totally privatised.

Mr Constance told the AFR today that “technological advances” will mean governments stop providing commuter transport services over the next 10-15 years.

His ill informed vision of the future involves autonomous vehicles, something called “intelligent big data systems” and privately-run buses and trains.

He told the AFR:

“They will be all private. In 10 to 15 years’ time government will not be in the provision of transport services, it will be all on demand, private sector driven, underpinned by innovation in technology.

“Already every new train that we are bringing online now, whether it is the Metro train or light rail, are all private sector partnerships.”

Read the article here (Paywall)
Read the RTBU’s media release here

One Comment to “Constance admits it: the NSW government wants to totally privatise public transport”

  • They want to reduce our wages and remove our conditions. And what a good move particularly when houses in Sydney for over a million. When workers are living one family per room the government will say we have done a good job.. The governments next new way of screwing over workers is to open up work houses for children and privatize that too

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