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October – rail history insights

Oct 31, 2017Update

Read below as Bob Newham, RTBU Rail Divisional Secretary explores some of the incredible history behind rail in New South Wales. As you will discover, the month of October has many stories to tell… You […] Read More »

PN Newsflash: Protected Action Update

Oct 27, 2017Update

Get Ready for More Action! Members your second 48 hour stoppage will begin at 12pm tomorrow 28th October and end on the 30th October at 12pm. Show management that you reject their attempts to strip […] Read More »

PN Newsflash: FWC and Action Update

Oct 27, 2017Update

Your RTBU team was in the Fair Work Commission for conciliation yesterday to get bargaining for your Pacific National Bulk Rail Enterprise Agreement back on track. In that meeting we made some progress on setting […] Read More »

RMTU The Activist Newsletter

Oct 27, 2017Update

Click here to read the RMTU newsletter: The Activist.    Read More »

RMTU Letter of Support to Pacific National members

Oct 25, 2017Update

The RMTU New Zealand have sent the RTBU Locomotive Division an email in solidarity with our members fighting for a fair Agreement with Pacific National. Wayne Butson, the General Secretary of the RMTU wrote to […] Read More »


Oct 23, 2017Update

ACTION ALERT: BAN WITHDRAWN PN NSW BULK RAIL EA 2017 Members, delegates and organisers decided to implement a protected action ban on driving locomotives where faults have not been fixed within 24 hours starting at […] Read More »

Pacific National Intermodal Newsflash

Oct 20, 2017Update

YES! Don’t believe the self-serving spin from management – the truth is that every single action on the ballot received an overwhelming YES vote. This means that you now have an impressive arsenal of potential […] Read More »

PN Update: Strike to proceed

Oct 19, 2017Update

PN NSW BULK RAIL EA 2017 STRIKE TO PROCEED This weekend’s Stoppage will proceed as planned! What Pacific National attempted yesterday is deceitful and purely aimed at splitting the workforce and putting doubt in member’s […] Read More »

Update – Asbestos dust in S and V set trains

Oct 12, 2017Update

The Locomotive Division would like to thank all Members and Delegates for their active involvement in the current Asbestos Dust issue within Sydney Trains. We would especially like to thank those who stood their ground […] Read More »

This Sunday: 1917 Strike show at the CWA Hall in Woy Woy

Oct 6, 2017Update

On Sunday 8th October from 2PM the Troubadour Folk Club presents: 1917 strike: celebrating the stories and songs from one of Australia’s greatest class conflicts. Location: CWA Hall, 30-32 The Boulevarde, Won Way, entry $15 […] Read More »

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