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Loco division supports Aurizon members

Sep 6, 2017News

The Locomotive Division is supporting Aurizon members who have been made redundant due to the company selling part of its business. Whilst the RTBULD wish the circumstances did not exist, the reality is they do […] Read More »

Newcastle Gunnedah Relief Points

Sep 6, 2017News

Safety Regulators Called In After months of inaction by all coal operators and the ARTC and several members being injured, the RTBU has intervened to assist your Health and Safety Reps by calling in Comcare […] Read More »

We stopped Turnbull

Sep 6, 2017News

***Message from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus*** The Turnbull Government’s attempt to take away the right to silence for 11 million workers, like they have already done for construction & maritime workers, HAS BEEN STOPPED. I […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: How to vote YES for the postal Protected Action Ballot

Sep 4, 2017News PN Updates

Winning this ballot means that workers can undertake the necessary actions to protect our conditions and our rights without risking our jobs. This is extremely important and why we need everyone’s vote. Voting for the […] Read More »

PN: Home Safely at Werris Creek?

Sep 3, 2017News PN Updates

After months of hearing and seeing nothing from PN management regarding employee concerns for health and safety at the Werris Creek Barracks, your HSR’s requested assistance from the RTBU Locomotive Division in resolving concerns. As […] Read More »

Turnbull’s latest bill expands the government’s industrial thuggery into every workplace

Sep 3, 2017News

This legislation before the Senate is the complete annihilation of the remaining rights of working people of all stripes and the unions that fight for those rights. Read more via The Guardian. Read More »

Aurizon Interstate Intermodal bargaining

Sep 3, 2017News

We understand that negotiating at this time may seem trivial given the shut down, however should Aurizon’s plans change then it is important that members are ‘in bargaining’, so the Union can best protect your […] Read More »


Sep 1, 2017News

Wage parity was on top of the agenda at your Enterprise Agreement talks at Friday’s meeting. Your RTBU Team made it clear that the members and Railtrain employees deserve to be paid the same as […] Read More »

PN Bulk & Coal: Voting opens today!

Sep 1, 2017News PN Updates

To all PN bulk, coal and PN Vic NSW members, Voting towards your Protected Action Ballot opens today! Keep an eye out for ballot papers which will be arriving in the mail from today. The […] Read More »

Workers short-changed by $14 billion

Aug 31, 2017News

Australia’s employers have failed to pay $17bn in super belonging to their employees since 2009, and tax authorities have only been able to detect and claw back $3bn. The Australian Tax Office has published estimates […] Read More »

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