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The Easter Bunny delivers on trainee holiday entitlements

Jun 28, 2017News

The LocoDivision was notified by a group of trainee drivers that they were not paid their public holiday entitlement as per Clause 29 of the Sydney Trains 2014 Enterprise Agreement for the Easter period. We […] Read More »

Train drivers stick with bus drivers against privatisation

Jun 28, 2017News

Have you spotted this sticker around the traps yet?         It’s a small way we train drivers can show our support to the Tram and Bus Division of our union and their […] Read More »

Learning from our near-death experience with Aurizon

Jun 28, 2017News

***Below is the speech given by RTBU National Organiser Leanne Holmes on behalf of RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva at one of the delegates’ workshops this week.*** Good afternoon everyone. When the rail freight giant […] Read More »

Congratulations – RailTrain forced back to the bargaining table!

Jun 28, 2017News

The RTBU congratulates all its members and Railtrain employees for securing a NO vote. You have stood together as a united workforce to let Railtrain know that you deserve better pay and conditions. A NO […] Read More »

Commonwealth Workers’ Compensation Explained

Jun 27, 2017News

**Thanks to the RTBU’s legal firm, Carroll & O’Dea, for providing this article** The RTBU has a number of members covered under the Commonwealth Workers Compensation scheme (as opposed to the NSW compensation scheme). The […] Read More »

Watch Sally McManus speak at NexGen

Jun 27, 2017News

Simple, but profound acts of saying no and experiencing the power of collective defiance changes lives, said ACTU Secretary Sally McManus in a recent speech well worth watching. You can also read her speech here Read More »

Where are the results?

Jun 26, 2017News

The voting for your Enterprise Agreement concluded at 5pm on Wednesday night. It was an electronic ballot which provide immediate results. The RTBU wants to know why Railtrain have not let the Members and Employees […] Read More »

Community stands strong with bus drivers to oppose privatisation

Jun 23, 2017News

***The Loco Division continues to support our colleagues in the Bus Division. Here’s the latest update from Bus Express*** The community of the Inner West has demonstrated its strong support for bus drivers through its […] Read More »

Labor won’t give up penalty rates fight

Jun 23, 2017News

Labor and the Greens insist they will keep fighting to overturn a decision to scale back some weekend penalty rates despite losing a vote in parliament. Read more Read More »

Are they hiding something?

Jun 23, 2017News

As you are all aware, the voting for the proposed Agreement closed at 5pm AEST yesterday. For some reason, Railtrain is holding out on providing us the result. We have called and written to them […] Read More »