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Workers comp changes – your questions answered

Jul 23, 2012News

The NSW Government’s controversial changes to the workers compensation scheme, despite being widely criticised for putting workers and their families at risk, are now in place. Changes to the scheme include the reduction of weekly […] Read More »

Tell Albanese to Keep Our Railways Safe

Jul 19, 2012News

The RTBU has grave concerns about the National Transport Commission’s ability to deal with rail transport safety effectively, and is calling on Transport Minister Albanese to take real action to address the safety concerns. At […] Read More »

OSCAR trains see the light

Jul 18, 2012News

New windscreens have now been fitted to OSCAR Set H2 following RTBU Loco Divisions efforts to get better quality windscreens fixed in the trains. Members who operate these trains will know that the current windscreen […] Read More »

UK MPs warn against plans to break up the rail

Jul 18, 2012News

Debate is raging in the UK over the conservative government’s plans to breakup track operator. Network Rail, and curb funding, which those opposed say will result in the loss of thousands of jobs, higher fares, […] Read More »

Bob Nanva addresses ALP conference

Jul 17, 2012News

National Secretary of the RTBU, Bob Nanva, gave a stirring speech at the ALP Conference, focusing in on the National Transport Commission and the fatigue shift limit legislation. Read the transcript of his speech below. […] Read More »

Drug and alcohol conviction a reminder for all workers

Jul 13, 2012News

A rail safety worker has been convicted and fined for refusing to provide a urine sample, in a stark reminder to all workers of their responsibilities when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. The […] Read More »

NTC looks set to hit the scrap heap

Jul 13, 2012News

The National Transport Commission looks set to be abolished after the RTBU won cross-factional support within the ALP to replace it with separate bodies covering freight and public transport, with safety issues referred to the […] Read More »

Test case finds ARTC breached GFB obligations

Jul 12, 2012News

Fair Work Australia has found that ARTC breached its good faith bargaining obligations when it pushed ahead with a ballot for an enterprise agreement despite knowing the deal was subject to a scope order application. […] Read More »

Your rights at work – handy cards now available

Jul 11, 2012News

The RTBU Locomotive Division has released a set of handy new pocket-sized membership cards outlining employees’ rights and responsibilities. Available at the moment is a set of cards outlining employees rights in regards to Drug […] Read More »

Loco Division union fees – financial year 2011/12

Jul 9, 2012News

RTBU membership dues for members of the Locomotive Division for the new financial year (1 July 2011 – 30 June 2012) are as follows: Full time: $559 based on 26 fortnights Part-time: $309.40 based on […] Read More »

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